International Academic Virtual Exchange Network


We invite you to become part of a collective of students and researchers with interest in Medical Physics and related areas. Our Node Coordinators are based in in Costa Rica, México and the USA (Virginia and Florida).

Our purpose is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas across geographic borders using virtual platforms.

Our Mission is to promote a culture of collaborative research and mentorship among students from different international institutions using virtual platforms.

  • For the students in our Network, this initiative opens research and learning opportunities, as well as offers a chance to provide mentorship and guidance to one another.
  • For the researchers and educators in our Network, this is a space of interaction with young scientists in other countries, and an opportunity to mentor and influence a new generation of scientists.

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Our students participate in regular activities organized by our Network:

  • Weekly teleconferences between the University of Costa Rica (UCR) and Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)
  • Virtual Congress IAVE 2018 
  • Research projects in Medical Physics
  • Mentorship Program

Join our Network!

If you would like to be a part of our Network, leave us your contact information below or write to your nearest Node Coordinator for more information

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